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Pinnacle of Safety

Empowering Industries with High-Performance ATEX and IECEX Certified Devices, Tailored for Oil, Gas, and Chemical Excellence.

Bespoke Innovations

Defying Uniformity: Our Tailored Features Cater Precisely to Your Distinctive Operational Needs, Guaranteeing Unparalleled, Integrated ATEX Smartphone Solutions.

Innovate Masters

Founded in 2013: Pioneering Rugged Smartphones. Our Expertise Fuels Cutting-Edge Integrated Smartphone Solutions for Oil & Gas, and Chemical Frontline Excellence.

Quality Assurance

Setting the Standard: Our Unyielding Commitment to Quality Ensures Deliverables of Unsurpassed Excellence and Providing Exceptional Products and Support.

Safe Communication in Hazardous Environments

Going beyond solutions to craft experiences, our customer-centric approach prioritises safety in hazardous environments. Integrating quality and technology, we provide functionally superior devices, ensuring innovative and satisfying communication experiences tailored for your enterprise in the oil & gas industry.

Client-Centric Excellence

Placing our clients at the core of our endeavors, we craft solutions with high emphasis on safety and satisfaction.

Dedicated Professional Support

Ensuring uninterrupted operations, we offer 24/7 support for swift issue resolution, providing the professional assistance your enterprise can rely on.

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Elevate your digital transformation.

Customised Solutions for Hazardous Environments

Prioritising Safety for Oil & Gas Frontline Workers: Ensuring Seamless Interaction
and Enhanced User Experience in Hazardous Environments

Products and

Discover Conquest Smartphones, ATEX/IECEX certified for durability, safety, and cutting-edge features in any environment. Elevate your experience with curated accessories for enhanced functionality.

Custom Features

Tailor your Conquest Smartphone to perfection with our custom features, delivering personalised solutions for your unique needs and preferences.


Elevate your Conquest Smartphone experience with seamlessly integrated solutions, designed for enhanced functionality and optimal performance across various scenarios, ensuring personalized and versatile usage.

Use Cases

Discover how Conquest Smartphones excel in hazardous environments through our industry use cases, ensuring both safety and operational efficiency in the most challenging settings.

Real-World Application

Dive into our Industry Case Studies page to explore real-world applications of Conquest Smartphones, highlighting their unmatched performance, safety features, and operational excellence across diverse sectors.

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Empowering Success, Crafting Experiences

Experience unmatched dedication to quality and excellence with Conquest Smartphones. From your first purchase to aftersales service, we guarantee customer satisfaction. Choose us for your journey to growth and success.

Embracing continual improvement, transparent communication, competitive pricing, on-time project delivery, and a data-driven approach for ethical, professional business practices.

We pursue innovative approaches to enhance the efficiency and quality
of our services, embodying the essence of Superior Technology.

Ensuring safety in explosive atmospheres, ATEX & IECEX Certification guarantees compliance with rigorous standards, fostering secure industrial environments.

Empower your mobile experience with Conquest Smartphones’ customisable features, tailoring your device to meet your unique preferences and needs.

Conquest Smartphones deliver exceptional value with competitive pricing, ensuring cutting-edge technology is accessible without compromising on quality.
Experience peace of mind with our dedicated aftersales support, providing prompt assistance and ensuring continued satisfaction for customers.

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ATEX & IECEX Certified

Certified Excellence: Our ATEX and IECEX certifications ensure Conquest Smartphones meet the highest safety standards, empowering industries with devices engineered for hazardous environments, where safety is paramount. Trust in our commitment to quality and safety in every device we deliver.


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Ensure Communication is Smart, Safe and Secure with Conquest Smartphones

Enhance your operations with the durability and reliability of Conquest ruggedised smartphones. Connect with us to begin your business transformation!